Mylk healthy choice to relax and repair muscles after work out

As members of the health and wellness industry, we see a lot of customers on a post-workout high. They run into the shop in their yoga pants and muscle tanks, red in the cheeks and glowing from their workouts, with big smiles on their faces from those endorphins.

Whether you’re a Yoga 101 fanatic or an Orangetheory fiend, a diehard Pure Barre go-er or a Bob’s Gym iron-pumper, we have the perfect recommendation to help relax and repair those hard-working muscles.

Our Sunshine Juice Co. recommendation is: MYLK.

Foods high in carbs and protein are the best workout recovery foods. Why? Because they help replenish muscle glycogen, which initiates muscle-building! Our cashew and almond mylks provide the ideal balance of carbs, protein, and other essential nutrients thanks to the almonds or cashews and dates.

For our nut-allergic customers, we recommend Mean Green! The antioxidants in Mean Green will help your body recover from the stress-induced inflammation in your muscles, decreasing your risk of stiffness and soreness.

Have you tried our Mylks or our powerhouse Sunshine original Mean Green? Let us know which is your favorite! Stop into the shop. We’ll serve you up fresh juice and help you stay on track with your 2018 health goals!

Post submitted by by Gabriella Federico. Gabriella is a holistic wellness advocate. She posts about her health journey at @gabriella_federico