Lindsay Rasure of Clean Bite Life Talks Clean Eating and Why To Shop the Grocery Store Perimeter

Do you every wonder which diet is the right choice? Which one will give you the goals you desire? There are so many diets out there now: Atkins, Keto, Whole 30, Weight Watchers, intermittent fasting etc. Does it make your mind spin? I have some simple advice that might blow your mind.

Hi! My name is Lindsay Rasure. I’m a wife to my high school sweetheart and a mother to an adorable active toddler boy. I taught Kindergarten for 6 years, then after having having my son, decided to be a full time mama. Clean eating and living a toxin free lifestyle have been part of my life for a long time. Now that I stay home I’m really digging deep on how to help others reach those desires of clean living through personal interaction and social media (Facebook group: Clean Bite Life and Instagram: @cleanbitelife). I offer one-on-one shopping experiences, weekly meal planning, and tips on how to start a clean eating lifestyle. My Facebook group page houses tips, recipes, live videos, and example weekly meal plans. My Instagram page has tons of meal ideas and shows what a balanced plate should look like!

All right, are you ready to hear the big secret to eating clean and keeping your weight in check? EAT. REAL. FOOD. There’s not a secret product out there that will make you instantly healthy and drop weight fast. It comes from eating real food with real ingredients. What I mean by that is, if you can’t read the ingredients listed on your food; well you shouldn’t be eating it. Processed foods are full of fillers, SUGAR, and other nasty things that make you crave them more. You won’t be full and then repeat the cycle of needing more processed food. Start by shopping the outer perimeter of the grocery store. Stick to fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned. Stick to meat that hasn’t been processed. Most pre-seasoned meats include some form of sugar and other fillers. Start reading your labels.

It can be so overwhelming to start but if you make small changes first then slowly build on them, eventually you’ll have simplified your pantry and likely started feeling better in the process. Don’t know where to begin? Start by buying real peanut butter instead of processed peanut spreads (Jif or Peter Pan to name a few) that contain sugar and hydrogenated oils. When you read your peanut butter label it should just say peanuts and maybe salt. Nothing else. Sugar is snuck in so many places and it won’t always say sugar. It’s that sneaky. Start reading your labels and cutting back on added sugar.

Speaking of reading labels, that’s why I love Sunshine Juice Company’s juices. Real food. Real ingredients. No added sugar. I get a delicious drink full of all the nutrients and vitamins, but no added junk. You don’t need added sugar to make something yummy!

Lindsay Rasure is a wife and mother passionate about clean eating. You can follow along and view recipes and more on her Clean Bite Life Instagram and Facebook.