Ask Yourself What You Need to Heal and Start Today

Chelsi Moore, CEO and Owner of Sunshine Juice Co
Chelsi Moore, CEO and Owner of Sunshine Juice Co

“We want what’s now instead of what’s best.
We need to stop giving up what we want most for what we want right now.”
– Zig Ziglar

I don’t know about you, but for me truer words were never spoken. We live in a society of instant gratification.

I am a pretty private person. I do not want anyone to know my struggles, and I certainly do not want to appear vulnerable to other people. Why? I’m a badass woman who can handle my shit. It sounds good, huh?

My husband and I have been struggling for the past several months with infertility, and it has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through.

After doing some much needed self reflection I thought to myself that other women have had miscarriages, and other women have dealt with infertility and become better for it. I’m one of those women.

I’ve decided I need to get over it. Life doesn’t go as planned and that’s okay. My type A personality struggles with it being okay, but I know it really is.

Being in my saddened infertility stupor I broke promises to myself. I gained weight and was not the best version of myself. I eventually asked myself “What do I need to do to heal my thoughts?”

It’s time to lose the weight, keep my promises I make to myself and be healthy.

I’m devoting the month of November to being healthy in all areas of my life.

Here’s to Zig! In November:
When I went to sleep longer I’ll go to the gym.
When I want meal convenience I’ll better plan out my meals.
When I want to be by myself, I’ll acknowledge that I benefit from surrounding myself with people who love me.

Join me in November for the November Challenge Group. Susan Browning of Refreshing Lives will lead the November group. I have known Susan since I was in high school. Susan was an adult advisor at Youth Resources TEENPOWER camp. I’ve always thought so much of Susan and loved her for who she was and what she stood for. This November group feels like home to me and I want it to be your home, too.

With this group you’ll get a juice a day delivered to you, private health coaching with Susan and you will TAKE CONTROL and KEEP PROMISES.

Do something for you! 

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