Healthy Juice Healthy Family : Sarah

There are may times as a parent where you have a difficult time coming up with healthy activities to do with your kids during the summer. One of the things that we try to do every year is go canoeing. Canoeing is great. It gets everyone outside, if it’s hot you can take a break and get in the water to cool off, it keeps them active while letting them enjoy some of nature’s beauty. We like to search online in early spring for clean up volunteer opportunities. With these a lot of times the canoe rental is free and they just ask that you pick up trash along the way to help keep the waterways clean. This is a double bonus because not only is it a healthy activity but it teaches kids good core values about taking care of our environment. We have gone in years past and filled our canoes up with cans, bottles, tires and pieces of metal. The kids love it and often it becomes a game of who can find the most trash.


One of our favorite things to have on hand that is quick and healthy is Sunshine Juice. The whole family likes juice and it’s a great way to get heathy nutrients on the go, perfect for canoeing.


This was my first time having Upbeet. I don’t love beets but I will say I did enjoy this juice. I chose this juice for myself because beets help boost your stamina and turmeric is good for your joints.


Jacob and Keegan sharing a canoe. Keegan loves canoeing and paddles all the time, luckily for Jacob.


Sophie is not so much the paddler, but she is getting better.


Along the way there were some cool things for the kids to see. This was a cave entrance formed by a natural spring. You weren’t able to paddle back very far but it was still neat and the water coming out of there was soooo cold.


The gang at the back wall of the cave.


It’s hard to beat the natural beauty of some of the rivers in our area and it’s a good lesson to teach the kids about keeping them clean so that they will still be able to enjoy them in the future.


That Upbeet is so photogenic.


We stopped and ate lunch on the bank of the river and we all had to toast our Sunshine Juices. It was the perfect pick me up to give us the energy to paddle on to the finish.