Introducing Our 1 and 3 Day Juice Cleanses

What is included in each cleanse:

We are so excited to launch the release of our juice cleanse. Our juice cleanses include eight 12 oz. juices and one protein packed Mylk each day.

Your day will start with a cranberry and apple blend detox juice and lemon water. Throughout the day you will drink a mixture of root juices and green juices for optimal nutrition. Water is drank throughout the day for hydration. You end your day with a protein Mylk. If you lead a busier lifestyle, ask us about adding an extra Mylk to your cleanse.

How our cleanses work:

We offer juice cleanses for 1 or 3 days. Our cleanse packages consist of eight 12 oz. juices and one protein packed Mylk each day. We offer store pick up or delivery to your home or workplace. We recommend you plan ahead for your juice cleanse. Do not do a cleanse during an overly stressful week, if you’ve been feeling ill or if you plan on attending special events where you might partake in dining out, etc. Take a look at your calendar and see when would be the most appropriate time, so that the cleanse is enjoyable for you.

If you follow our instructions, stay hydrated each day and give yourself time to rest, the cleanse will provide all the nutrients you need in your day, and we hope you finish feeling great.

Juice Cleanse Benefits:

Juice cleanses help jumpstart healthy eating habits, help aid digestion, encourages healthy gut bacteria and of course weight loss. We encourage juice cleanse patrons to look beyond weight loss as a goal, though, as juice cleanses work best when a healthy diet is used before and after the cleanse. Before starting a cleanse take a moment to figure out your goals from the cleanse and ask us how we can help you reach them!

Nutrition and Hydration:

Our bodies cleanse naturally! So why do a cleanse? Isn’t that what the liver is for? A juice cleanse is a great way to incorporate a healthy break from our normal dietary routine and focus on all fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Our juices give you increased water intake, energy and optimal nutrition and nourishment. Juice cleanses also give you time to reflect on your diet and see how your body does without certain foods (dairy, soy, grains, etc.) You might be surprised what you find out!

Who Should Juice:

Anyone can enjoy Sunshine Juice! However, we recommend cleanses for healthy adults who are not on a restricted diet.  We do not recommend a juice cleanse for pregnant or breastfeeding women because of the extra calories you need. It is not recommended to do a juice cleanse more than once a month. If you are unsure if a juice cleanse is right for you please consult a health care provider or nutritionist. Sometimes starting with a 1 day cleanse is the best way to find out how your body reacts, however a 3 day or longer cleanse allows you to see the most optional results.

Are you ready to start a cleanse?

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