Introducing Emily: August Challenge Group Health Coach

13690697_308021049587014_8120351880156681399_nWe are excited to introduce Emily on the blog! Emily is a certified health, nutrition & lifestyle coach and registered nurse. She teaches women about healthy eating and inspires happier lives through a diet of whole foods. Emily is the coach for our August Challenge Group and our upcoming September Challenge Group! She’s a rockstar! We asked Emily to tell us a little about her health habits, her business, and her favorite juice! 😉 Enjoy!

What’s your favorite Sunshine Juice and why?
My favorite sunshine juice is the seasonal watermelon, lime & cilantro! The flavors are amazing together and reminds me of summer.
What’s your favorite morning pick me up?
My favorite morning pick me up is this Japanese Matcha powder (green tea) with coconut I have become obsessed with! After that I usually always have a green smoothie full of hemp seeds, beet root powder and frozen fruit.
What do you hope to have folks gain from your August Challenge?
I hope the members of our August challenge will gain a foundation for healthy eating. They will see examples of healthy meals along with the recipes on how to make it. They will learn how to incorporate fitness into their daily routine and why it’s so important to move their body. Best of all, they will see how fun and rewarding eating healthy food is and how it effects the body and mind. Adding fresh juice to a well balanced diet is truly life enhancing and gives your body those critical nutrients needed to not only survive but thrive!
What made you interested in health?
I’ve been health conscious since I remember being able to chose the foods I wanted for dinner when I was young. I’ve always preferred a whole lot of vegetables on my plate and less meat, if any. That grew into my adult years and now as a mother making sure my girls eat a well rounded diet of whole foods. You have all the power in the world to chose what goes into your mouth. Nourishing yourself with foods that make you feel good is key. I do this because it makes sense to my body, I feel amazing and I hope to be around a long time in this beautiful life.
Do you have a favorite health or life related quote?
My favorite health quote is “you are what you eat” and I trust that to be true. When you eat processed, refined and even fake foods, your body performs at a slower rate because of all the energy it requires to breakdown artificial foods. These foods do not contain any nutrition and therefore your body is still “hungry”. Eating beautiful, whole foods give you a sense of happiness that your nourishing your body the right way
What’s your favorite work out?
My absolute favorite workout is hot yoga at Yoga 101 in Evansville! You haven’t experienced a total mind, body and soul workout until you do yoga sweating toxins out of your skin for 90 minutes.
Anything else you feel might be interesting to include:
I want women to know you can change your entire life by changing what’s on the end of your fork! I’m here to guide, support and empower you into living the most authentic, healthy and happiest self!


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Both photographs are by the talented Johnna Nedreberg Photography