Juice Challenge Winner


We would like to share some feedback we received from a recent 30 Day Juice Challenge participant. As many of you know we launched our 30 Day Challenge this summer to help our patrons jumpstart their health with a friendly challenge of healthy food and Sunshine Juice for a month. The challenge also included health advice and nutrition coaching from a local health coach.

Congratulations to Chris for completing the Challenge and for winning free Sunshine Juice for one year. The following is an excerpt of her experience she shared with us.

The reason I joined the group was to get committed to a few goals to help me personally not only in weight loss, but, a few others. I made out a calendar that included 8 goals.”

Chris’s goals including weight loss, adding fitness and workouts to her weekly routine, mediation, creating artwork and several other personal goals. By making a list of goals, Chris was better able to keep on track with her desires for the Challenge.

“I was encouraged and excited at the beginning of August. I started writing on my calendar/goal sheet. It encouraged me to visit the health food store and purchase some new whole food vitamins and a better probiotic. With my previous cancer and chemo, I feel like it has left behind toxins that have been difficult to remove. That was probably the most important goal that I feel I met. I was feeling more clean every time I consumed a fresh juice. I could taste the healthy things going into my body every morning when I would drink it!”

Here’s something we read that we really loved! Chris recognized that her goals were checked off her list, but she did work towards each of them.

“I did not meet every goal entirely. But, more importantly, I met every goal a little bit.”

Sometimes the hardest part is starting, and it’s obvious Chris went into the Challenge ready to turn a page in her health, and she succeeded. She reported feeling more energetic and she told us how it helped her to begin walking her dogs more often, use her neglected sauna and make other healthy choices throughout the day.

“This made me feel a bit more grateful daily and that is a beautiful state of mind to be in. Im reminded: Surround yourself with people who push you, who challenge you, who make you laugh, who make you better and who make you happy!”

We agree, Chris! Congratulations on your year of free juice!

If you are interested in a Juice Cleanse or joining a monthly Challenge Group you can purchase and learn more here. We wrote a blog post specifically about how Challenge Groups work here. Be sure to read it if you have any questions!