How To Reserve Your Juice at Sunshine Juice Co.

Hey there, readers. Thanks for being here. Whatever caused you to stumble across this blog post — (even if it was just because of a weird Facebook algorithm) — we’re glad you’re here.

This week, we want to talk a bit about a perk that our website offers.

From the ultimate fan favorite – The Cold Brew – to our best-selling juices, like the Mean Green and the Pink Drink, it is almost inevitable that each week we run into situations where our awesome customers are coming to see us for their favorite juice, but instead find that we have sold out! The best solution to avoid this disappointment is through online ordering. By visiting our website, customers are able to select their orders and pre-pay. Reserving juice in this fashion also allows for customers to enjoy our juice at its’ freshest!

At Sunshine, we create products that have short shelf lives, some being as short as 3 days. So reserving your organic, cold-pressed juice on our website is ideal for guaranteed availability and ultimate freshness.

The ordering process is simple on our webpage. Just go here! However, if you would run into any issues or have any questions regarding the steps to ordering juice – please don’t hesitate to call the shop! It’s all thanks to the advancements in technology that we are able to do this! Who knew 10 years ago that you’d be able to reserve fresh juice with a few taps on your smartphone? And what’s more… we even have a drive-up window, so you don’t even have to get out of your car to pick up your order! But… we would of course love for you to come in and hang out with us!

Even if online ordering isn’t for you – check out our website. It’s full of information about SJC – and is pretty cute, too!

“Be stubborn about your goals. But flexible about your methods.” – unknown

Until next time… happy juicing! Try to do something for yourself this week Like maybe placing an online order with us? 😉

This post was written by Reagan of Sunshine Juice Co. Reagan shares the behind the scenes posts you see on our IG stories, juices for SJC, and always has a smile for our customers. Her favorite juices are Dreamweaver and Mean Green.