How to Start (And Keep!) Healthy Habits

You’ve heard the saying that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. I’m not sure there’s a magic number, but I do know that – with time – everything does seem to get easier. Once you’ve done it for a while, eating healthy and exercising becomes part of your routine.

At Sunshine Juice Co. we often connect with individuals hoping to improve their nutrition. Whether it’s someone trying Meatless Monday for the first time or going completely vegan, we’ve worked with lots of folks who are changing their diets or watching what they eat.

If you are making a lifestyle change or setting a goal for your health, here are a few tips that help you stay devoted!

We always tell folks doing our 1 or 3 day juice cleanses to prepare and plan ahead. It’s so important. We want you to feel confident and excited about doing a cleanse, not “Only liquids for three day?!” Preparation goes a long way. Planning your work out times or preparing your lunches early each week will help you be more successful. Thinking about a cleanse? See how you can prepare, read our “5 Tips For A Healthy Cleanse” and download our brochure here.

Don’t quit if you miss a day or make a mistake.
It’s okay. As Bob Ross said, mistakes are happy accidents. Try to get to the root of what caused you to fly off the train. I typically struggle more with healthy eating in the wintertime, when there aren’t as many seasonal veggies and our garden is desolate. Although I don’t punish myself when I’ve had a particularly bad week, I do like to spend time reflecting on what went wrong. Often it’s stress or disinterest. Either way, it’s always good to pinpoint the issue in order to find a better solution or a more attainable goal.

Find an app.
I am the absolute worst about keeping up with anything tech-related. I still read my books on paper, prefer in-face conversations to texts and – for the most part – I am happier when not scrolling. However, I have found recipe apps, calorie trackers and running and yoga apps to be helpful to me. Do a little research and you might be surprised by all the free (or relatively cheap) options that exist that can help keep you on track and encourage you in your work-outs.

Write it down.
I can’t lift up tech without bringing it back down to good ol’ paper and pencil. Keep a journal. Write down your goals. Reflect on them once a week. Revisit things that aren’t working and try to figure out why you might be having an issue reaching a certain goal. Was the goal unrealistic? Do you harbor resentment about the goal? Be honest with yourself.

Reward yourself.
Whether you’re trying to meal plan each week, work out daily, or ditch snacks after 8pm – celebrate the victories. Keep track of how you’re doing on your goals. If you’ve had a good week of eating, reward yourself with a healthy treat. Go ahead and snatch up one of our healthy vegan, gluten-free cookies. You probably deserve it! Remember you don’t always have to spend money to reward yourself. Be creative!

Good luck with the goals you’ve set for yourself. We’re cheering you on at Sunshine Juice Co.!