Sunshine Juice Cleanses Give Body an Easy Reboot Option

Instead of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, how does it sound to begin your day with a cleansing water, followed by five organic, cold-pressed juices, and ending with Sunshine Juice Co.’s homemade, organic Almond Mylk? Maybe not as appetizing as your favorite meals. You may not be craving the idea of a cleanse as much as you crave your habit of fast-food reliance. But it might be worth a try anyways!

At Sunshine Juice. Co, we have several different cleanse options. The first is a 1 day cleanse. A 1 day cleanse includes the drinks previously mentioned – a cleansing water, 5  juices, and a Mylk. This option is ideal for someone who is interested in cleansing but not feeling quite ready to commit to 3 days. The 1 day cleanse can also be a remedy after a “bad” weekend where you may have overindulged and are feeling the consequences from a higher sugar and fat intake than normal. There are endless reasons to try out the 1 day cleanse.

The other two cleanse options at our shop are the 3 day Essential and 3 day Active cleanses. The Essential cleanse is the same line-up of juices as the one day cleanse – except for 3 days instead of 1. This cleanse option would be ideal for someone who is interested in kicking a habit. A 3 day cleanse gives the body a considerable break. The cleanse aides the body by providing a break “cold turkey” per say, from our unhealthy habits for our body. The cleanse aides the body in flushing out toxins and mold. (Yes, our insides grow mold!)

The three day Active cleanse is best for someone who is ready to commit to 3 full days of juicing while also maintaining a more active lifestyle. If you’d like to not skip your yoga class during the cleanse, or plan to hit the gym each morning, we do recommend the Active cleanse as it has two almond Mylks to end each of your days while cleansing, rather than one. The Mylk gives the body extra protein and healthy fats that it needs to be fueled while not eating!

Currently, at the shop, we are juicing on Sunday/Monday, and Wednesday/Thursday which allows for cleanse order pick-ups anytime after 3 PM on Mondays and anytime after 3 PM on Thursdays. Please order in advance to allow for adequate produce orders. If you’d like to do a 3 day cleanse Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, orders should be placed by the previous Friday. If you’d like to do a three day cleanse Friday/Saturday/Sunday, orders should be placed by the previous Wednesday.

Cleanse Pricing:

1 day cleanse (cleansing water, 5 juices, a mylk) $50
3 day essential (3 cleansing waters, 15 juices, 3 mylks) $150
3 day active (3 cleansing waters, 15 juices, 6 mylks) $170

“I did the 3 day essential juice cleanse. The juices were so fresh and delicious! I liked all of them, but LOVED Dream Weaver and Pink Drink. I was nervous that I was going to be hungry, but drinking one every 2 hours really fought off the hunger. I will be doing another cleanse in the near future.

P.S. They have a new juice, Crazy 8, that is tomato based and DELICIOUS if you are a tomato lover like myself!”

– Lisa V., customer review of the Essential cleanse

Please call the shop at 812-401-6225 or stop by Monday through Friday 7a-5p, or Saturday 9a-4p so we can answer any questions you may have about cleansing!

As always, happy juicing! Thanks for reading. And until next time…

“A healthy outside starts from the inside.” – Robert Urich