Sunshine Juice Co. is for kids, too! Tips for navigating the menu with children.

“Wait, there’s carrots in this?”

Juices: Every kid is different, but many children gravitate toward Dreamweaver, Hero or Sweet Green – and of course our classic Orange juice is always a safe bet. Ginger can be strong for little tastebuds, so don’t be surprised if you get a puckered face for Pink Drink or Super Hero, with both feature it prominently. At certain times of the year, according to produce seasons, a juice might taste a little different than the time before. So if they try it once and aren’t a fan, try introducing it again later!

Smoothies: All of our smoothies are made fresh to order. This means you can change out the liquids or add protein when you order, depending on what you or your child prefers. You can’t really go wrong with any of our smoothies. It’s a tasty way to pack in fresh fruit and vegetables for kids, but often seems like a treat! If you are looking for a sweeter option, look for a smoothie with banana or dates, which are natural sweeteners. Three of our favorites for kids: Four Freedoms, Tropicana Banana and the Good Morning Smoothie. Want to trick them into eating more greens? Try the Otter’s Vacay or Green River smoothies.

Other food items: Sweet potato is a great, healthy option for kids. Try our Sweet Potato Salad with corn and black beans. For older kids, the wraps and salads offer a perfect sized meal option. Salads change seasonally, so be sure to see what’s new each month! The energy bites make a yummy treat for any child (without nut allergies). These are high in protein, and can be easily cut in half for smaller children.

Get creative: Try freezing any of our juices into popsicle molds for a cool, summer treat or blend juices with ice to make a fresh icee version. Sometimes a child might not like the presentation of the food, but not the actual food itself. Is there another way to prepare it that your kid might enjoy? Sometimes even switching up the bottle to a cup and straw helps kids to give it a taste.

We hope to see you and your kids this summer! Remember you can find us every Saturday starting June 16 at the Franklin Street Bazaar, which features other kid-friendly activities on the West Branch library lawn.